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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. --Margaret Mead

One day, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful. –Sigmund Freud

Despair will get us nowhere. What will, and has, is action. Please spread the word!

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MISSION. Our goal is to make taking action to protect our rights as simple and clear and calming as possible. Explore the topic(s) of most concern to you. Take action. You will feel better! Although there are many issues and points of view that may get lost or damaged over the next four years, UpholdTheseRights focuses on what we consider fundamental to safe and healthy life, citizen rights, and the preservation of democracy. Keep in mind, this year's midterm elections could enable Democrats to take back the House. It is the House that brings impeachment proceedings against a sitting President. The margins in 2016 were very close. For example, in PA (a swing state), the election was decided by only 7 absentee ballots in each district, and the GOP just lost a special election there.

INTEGRITY OF SITE CONTENT. This site includes sections on rights under threat by the Trump administration. Each topic links to a page offering information about that topic (including Trump's position on it), and suggestions for a variety of actions you can take now, over the short- or long-term, to actually make a difference. Assertions are referenced. Charities are vetted through Charity Navigator. The vast majority of web links land at genuine journalistic or legitimate research sites; there are also a few blogger opinion pieces. Data comes from peer-reviewed journals or governmental research. There is no fake news on this site (see Fake News for tips on how to identify and avoid it). We accept no income from or donations to UpholdTheseRights.

WHO ARE WE? Uphold These Rights was started by a UC Berkeley-trained, licensed clinical psychologist and University of California psychology instructor who noticed that most of us were desparate to take action, but didn't know what to do or how. Uphold These Rights provides information and resources for groups (like Indivisible, Swing Left, and Flippable) and for individuals who prefer working alone to take effective political action and resist the Trump Agenda. Visit often. (You can download the Indivisible Guide here and join or start your own group.) Wondering whether or not Trump is a narcissist? This is what narcissism really is. Here is New York Times' columnist and former social worker, David Brooks', take on it: When the World is Led by a Child (5/15/17; see also, Mental Health section, particularly if the stress is affecting you).

Need a mood lift? Try hillarybeattrump.org, "President Hillary Rodham Clinton, News from the Real America, Where the Majority Rules." Join Hillary Clinton's new SuperPac, Onward Together: Resist, insist, persist, enlist. Ignore the sexism, as it gets hurled at her from trolls and bots (track Russian twitter bot content here). Here is why sexism was largely responsible for her "defeat." Finally, if you're feeling down, try visiting this thread, started months ago by Qusim Rashad, Esq., "of exclusively positive videos and humanity's beauty."

To contact us, offer advice, suggestions, kudos (always energizing!), support, and/or help, please email us via our secure email address! UTR does not respond to spam, trolls, or profanity. Threats (how uncivilized!) will be referred to the appropriate criminal justice agency. UTR will respond to every other email that comes our way.


There’s a crack, a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in —Leonard Cohen

(Here is Leonard Cohen, singing his beautiful Anthem, from which the above quote was taken.)

Nixon's approval rating when he resigned after 6 years due to Watergate: 28%. Trump's? Of adults, 32% on 12/9, 40.7 on 3/25/18. (Check here for latest.)

There are significant cracks in Trump’s base. The Washington Post broke down the trend (Kane, 7/8/17) by swing state.Most respondents to December polls said he does not share their values, is unstable (51%), not honest (51%), uncompassionate (53%), reckless (60%), sexist (54%) does not have good leadership skills, and does not care about people like them. Twice as many believe allegations of sexual misconduct against Trump are "credible," than don't (53-26). Only 57% believe he is even intelligent. Gallup finds division along racial lines: among whites, 47% approve, 49% disapprove; Blacks 5% approve, 88% disapprove, Hispanics 17% approve, 77% disapprove. This is unprecedented for a POTUS. A February. study conducted by the American Psychological Association found that more than half the country thinks the U.S. is "at the lowest point in U.S. history." 63% of us are "uniquely stressed about the future" of the U.S.–people of different ages and political leanings. Democrats are feel the most anxiety (73%), followed by Independents (59%) and Republicans (56%). One can only imagine what those numbers will be like when they conduct it again, in February, 2018.

Trump is failing on all points. Support for Trump amongst all categories of his base is eroding. Let's help it plummet.

<--the Cross of Lorraine, symbol of the French Resistance

Our foundational rights are threatened. Click-Learn-Act to save those you most value:

First Amendment Rights (Free Press, Fake vs. Real News)
Environment (Climate Change, Endangered Species)
Human Rights (
Immigrant, LGBTQ, DACA, Muslim Ban, Voting, Women's, Racism, Sexism)
Public Education (+ college affordability)
Foreign Policy (NSC, UN, NATO, Trump-Russia, nuclear weapons; Preventing War)
(ACA, mental health)

Political Action Primer: What/How (Flip Congress Blue!)