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Preventing Nuclear War: Updates (to 7/30)


UPDATES 7/30: Trump says he'll attack a North Korean weapons site "within the next year." The act "would be a major step toward all-out war." (UK Daily Mail) 7/29: North Korea successfully tested an ICBM, long-range missile apparently capable of reaching most cities across the US. The question now is whether it can do so with the weight of a nuclear warhead attached. (UK Independent) We are in the most perilous and vulnerable situation we've ever been in, with an Administration in disarray. 7/5: Following North Korea's latest long-range missile test, Trump administration says it will use its "considerable military forces" on them "if we must." (BBC), a day after Trump administration says it will no longer make inspection results of nuclear warhead facilities public. 6/19: Russia warns it will target US-led coalition jets as targets in Syria. Calls US downing of a Syrian plane 6/18 a "massive violation of international law" (ABC News) 5/29: North Korea launched another test missile toward Japan (CNN). 5/16: As we observe Trump Administration falling apart--bringing Russian cameras into the Oval and denying access to US reporters, Trump leaking sensitive, classified intelligence received from Israel, firing FBI Director Comey, etc.--remember, Trump still has the nuclear codes.(Also see Stop Trump) 4/13: US drops largest non-nuclear bomb in its arsenal on Afghanistan today, as UK Guardian reports FBI now has corroborating evidence of Trump-Russia collusion. 4/7: The US launched dozens of Tomahawk missiles into Syria (get info in Foreign Policy and take action in Stop Trump), without Congressional approval. 4/4: Steve Bannon removed from the National Security Council; still retains highest security clearance. Tillerson refuses to comment on North Korea's (backed by China) new missile launch and Syria's (backed by Russia) use of Sarin gas against its people. 3/17: Secretary of State Tillerson refused to rule out pre-emptive military action against North Korea. (The Guardian) 3/7: Quietly, the Trump Administration began to deploy the Thaad antimissile system in South Korea: China has angrily opposed this as athreat to its security. (Mullany & Gordon, New York Times) 2/23: Trump said he wants the US to expand its nuclear arsenal. Russia has 7,000; the US has 6,800 (launching only 100+ could potentially end human life on Earth--see below to take action). He's upset they have more than we do (BBC). 2/15: Russia, Iran, and North Korea have all recently tested ballistic missiles that could conceivably be tipped with nuclear weapons. Although (see 2/3) Trump sanctioned Iran, he's taken no action on North Korea or, tellingly, on Russia. 2/6: The doomsday clock was advanced this past week. The New York Times breaks down why (Trump). 2/3: The Trump Administration sanctioned Iran for a missile test. Yesterday, Iran was vaguely put "on notice" by the U.S. Today, the White House issued a very strong statement against Iran. "Trump on Thursday refused to rule out military action against Iran, saying that 'nothing is off the table' when it comes to confronting destabilizing behavior from the country. While Obama also refused to rule out military action, Trump's rhetoric reflects a scaled-up posture." (Liptik, Acosta, & Labott, CNN. Also see BBC for analysis.)

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