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11/3/17: Should Mueller be fired, please click here to join immediate protests.

"Our opposition to racism and to sexism and our support for equality before the law and an independent judiciary are hugely important considerations in the House of Commons." --British House of Commons Speaker John Bercow, 2/6/17, cancelling Trump visit to British Parliament. Need motivation? Powerful video here.

Make sure your voter registration is active! Regularly check your voting registration here and click on "tools." Voters are being removed from the rolls in many states, on technicalities, without notification.

(Scroll down to take immediate action--do just one thing!; see also all individual topics at bottom!)

UPDATES 11/9: Please check all topics on the home page for those concerning you most, and/or scroll down October: Trump ramps up threats to North Korea, causing international concern (see Preventing War section). Trump-Russia investigation gains speed, with indictments issued (see Foreign Policy section for all Trump-Russia news) 9/24: Trump signed an executive order banning or restricting visas to people from 8 countries: Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Chad, North Korea, and Venezuela. (NBC Nightly News) (see below and Muslim Ban section to take action) 9/23: Graham-Cassidy ACA repeal/replace is dead, with several Senators vowing to vote against it. Contact your representatives, anyway, to let them know how strongly you feel about strengthening ACA. 8/25: (1) Trump White House white supremacist adviser Gorka was fired. Only Miller is left. (see below to take action) (2) Trump pardons AZ Sheriff Arpaio, who was convicted of criminal contempt for disregarding a court order in a racial profiling case. (CNN) ACLU calls this a Presidential endorsement of racism. (see Racism section and below to take action) (3) White House directed Pentagon to implement Trump's military new recruit transgender ban; Dept. of Defense given some leeway to determine status of current enlistees; stay tuned for court action. (CNN) (see LGBTQ section and below to take action) 8/22: Trump's hate-filled Phoenix rally is decried as "unhinged" by CNN's Don Lemon, as well-respected James Clapper, former NSA head & part of administrations going back to Kennedy's, admits he is "scared and disturbed" by Trump's presidency, given Trump has the nuclear codes. 8/21: Four senior editors at the Los Angeles Times were fired today, suddenly, at once. Ross Levinsohn, who spent 7 years in Fox News' Media Division, is the new Publisher. Perhaps it was because yesterday, the 4 published Enough Is Enough: "The man in the White House is reckless and unmanageable, a danger to the Constitution, a threat to our democratic institutions." 8/18: Steve Bannon has been fired (CNN). After violent white supremacist protest in Charlottesville, Trump says "both sides" are at fault. National and international community reacts in horror. (CNN, BBC; Tip: the BBC is generally calming in the way they present news) Scroll down to contact your representatives now. 8/11: As Trump ramps up threatening rhetoric towards nuclear-armed North Korea, and threatens unspecified military action in Venezuela (Reuters), see Preventing War section to take action. 8/9: On 7/30, Trump said he'll attack a North Korean weapons site "within the next year." The act "would be a major step toward all-out war." (UK Daily Mail) Given the threats he's made in recent days, please go to Preventing War to take action. Older Updates.

And, now, all of Trump's deleted tweets, in one place.

Nixon's approval rating when he resigned due to Watergate: 28%. Trump's as of now (check out the graphs!)


11/9: Contact your representative (see #1 for how) and demand an outside, independent commission to investigate Russian influence in the 2016 election, one not vulnerable to possible firing of the Special Counsel at any moment.

(1) Join with Tony The Democrat to write and send postcards to Democratic voters in other states in advance of special elections, and 2018. In the past few months, 165,000 voters have been contacted this way (on twitter: #PostcardsToVoters). See this short video, or write postcards@TonyTheDemocrat.org! If you're more of an introvert, this is a great way to make an impact in a way that nourishes your nervous system. If you're more of an extravert, you can get together with friends and write/design/send away. (It also provides a destination for your creativity...). Text HELLO to 484-ASK-ABBY, receiving address and talking points, write and send!

(2) Concerned about Trump's racism and support of white supremacists, Trump-Russia collusion, Muslim Ban 3.0, family security clearances, ties to Russia, gun control, obstruction of justice, escalation in the Korean peninsula, Puerto Rico, the nuclear arsenal, pardoning of Arpaio, more possible future threats to the ACA, DACA, LGBTQ rights, the military trans ban, weakening of Title IX protections for women in colleges and universities, the evisceration of the EPA and our wild lands, repeal of Dodd-Frank protections, and/or our unofficial war with Syria? Call your representatives (text your zip code to 520-200-2223, you'll be texted back with all your reps' contact info.) OR use the resistance bot! Text "resist" to 50409 & it will find out who represents you in Congress, will ask for the message you want to send them, and will do it for you! Don't let up (see #4 for guidance if you need it). If you can't get through, consider writing a letter and flooding their offices with mail (addresses). Remember, you can always contact GOP Senators from other states, and tell them you will be contacting their voters by phone in advance of the next election. Here is a list of all phone numbers for each US Senator. Here is a list of all Republican Senators. 8 GOP seats are up in 2018, 22 in 2020, and 22 in 2022 (Senators serve 6-year terms). For reference, here are Paul Ryan's number, 202-225-3031, Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell's is (502) 582-6304, and the Department of Justice's public comment line is 202-353-1555. They should hear from all of us, whereever we live. Tell them you'll be phoning their voters when they come up for re-election.

Here's an easy link to make 5 calls (then click on issue to the left). You have two House representatives and two Senators. Who are your representatives? DC House of Representatives switchboard: 866-948-8977 and Senate 866-985-2543 (in addition to your local and state Congressional reps, call the DC number when Congress is in session and/or when you feel very, very strongly and alarmed about an issue or imminent legislation). The Indivisible Guide notes that phoning is more effective than email, tweets, letters (it's a great resource for joining or starting an action group). Don't know your Senators’ phone number? Call 202/224-3121, put in your zip. You’ll be transferred. Shy to call? Don’t be concerned. You’ll likely be sent to voicemail. If you do reach someone, speak concisely and politely, telling them:

...you live in their district (for Representatives) or state (for Senators),
...you’re concerned about (choose the thing that most concerns you),
...and you want them to:
-vote for_______.
-push for _______legislation to ensure that __________.
-obstruct the GOP’s efforts to_________.

(3) Contact Congressional Republicans who have not condemned Trump's "anti-racism protesters and Nazis are morally equivalent" argument. An updated list of them and their contact info. is here. Then, contact your own representatives in the House and Senate (see #2 for contact info.) and let them know what you expect from Congress, which was designed to legislate and act as a check on a mentally ill, irresponsible, or dangerous POTUS. Then, call Chief of Staff Kelly and demand white supremacist Miller be fired: 202/456-1414. Then, have a treat. :)

(4) Find and attend protests near you! Check The Resistance Calendar, the ACLU's People Power, and get on your local Indivisible's action list! We have power, we are using it, and we are having success (no Muslim Ban, no Muslim List, the unfunded Wall, still have ACA, several GOP representatives announcing they won't defend their seats in the next election due to strong Dem presence, Russian interference hearings, Special Counsel, press pressure...). Engage in continuing protest actions, moving throughout cities and US Capitol. It's crucial to let the Administration (those for and against Trump), fellow citizens, Supreme Court, immigrants, refugees, and citizens and world leaders know there is significant dissent for unconstitutional actions. Check The Resistance Calendar for actions near you, or list your own! Also, join ACLU's protest mobilization team, People Power! Their first training was livestreamed on MARCH 11th. Read about the movement here. For that matter, join and support the ACLU, which is working to protect immigrants from registry, deportation, and profiling! Want an internship or a job with them? Check here. Follow the ACLU on twitter for up-to-date information about immigration raids and deportation: https://twitter.com/ACLU.

(5) On 2/3, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) introduced H.R. 861 to terminate the Environmental Protection Agency. The new proposed budget, a goal of the GOP for years, eliminates 1/3 of the funding from the EPA, which will cripple it beyond being able to protect our air, food, and water. Since then, Trump and Interior Secretary Zinke have been attempting to eviscerate protections on national lands and protected waters. Let your Reps know what you think of this.

(6) Join or start an Indivisible group in your town! Note there is more than one Indivisible website. The one launched last year is NOT the same one! "Groups in our directory are wholly independent; they are listed provided they agree to resist Trump's agenda, focus on local, defensive congressional advocacy, and embrace progressive values." Please share the UpholdTheseRights link with your interest group to save time on action steps and info (updated daily)!

(7) Any citizen can schedule a meeting with their local and state representative. Here are the Treatment Advocacy Center’s tips for how to meet with your legislator (they are a mental health organization, but their advice is effective for any topic!). You can also attend a local town hall! Join in: Find an event in your district → http://townhallproject.com. Show up. Ask questions!

(8) Join the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, the largest anti-Trump organization in the country. You are not alone, and we nearly 66 million voters really are stronger together!

(9) Visit What Do I Do About Trump?" "WhatDoIDoAboutTrump.com is a resource hub for people who are upset about Trump’s Presidency and want to make a difference. We feature the best campaigns and resources — in a simple and well-designed format — to help you stand up and fight for issues you care about." The site is currently vetting UpholdTheseRights for inclusion!

(10) Join flippable.org and sign up: “Win back our country for Democrats by flipping seats in state legislatures, the House, and the Senate. Practice democracy daily.” @Flippable: daily actions tweeted to your account, or check the website's current action items.

(11) Join swingleft, working to flip House districts to the Democrats. Check out their map to see if you live in a swing district! Visit the Flip Congress section for lots of helpful campaign targeting information!

(12) Join grabyourwallet (#grabyourwallet) to learn which stores carry Trump products, boycott them, and let them know (read about this movement here). As of 2/26, several on that list have dropped Trump's products. With empty rooms and bookings plummeting, Trump hotels are taking a beating (NBC News). Action works!

(13) Use the tool at DeleteYourEndorsement to send tweets to all GOP who are endorsing Trump and his actions! Search on your state!

(14) The Trump administration has re-opened the White House comment line: 202-456-1111. If things get really dicey, in case you need them, Mar-A-Lago: 561/832-2600 Trump International Realty: 212/247-7100 Trump Hotel DC, 202/695-1100. Be polite. (This is a "nuclear" option, in Trump's words...)

Go to:

Political Action Primer: Take Action: Flip Congress

Political Action Primer

First Amendment Rights (Free Press, Fake vs. Real News)
Environment (Climate Change, Endangered Species)
Human Rights (
Immigrant, LGBTQ, Voting, Women + Racism/Sexism)
Public Education (+ college affordability)
Foreign Policy (NSC, UN, NATO, Russia, nukes; Preventing War)
(ACA, mental health)