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Stop Trump: Updates (prior to 1/31/18)

UPDATES: 1/29/18 Russian jet gets within 5 ft. of US jet (CNN); Trump fires FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe leaving Rosenstein the last person who can protect Mueller and his investigation of Trump-Russia (CNN); House GOP Intelligence Committee vote to release the "intelligence" memo they wrote insinuating the FBI is biased against Trump (and paving the way to fire Mueller and shut down the Trump-Russia investigation) (CBS News); Trump fails to sign Russian sanctions into law on deadline day, saying "no need" (UK Telegraph). Please see "Take Action" below, now! January: Please check all topics at bottom for those concerning you most, and/or scroll down (if they are all listed here, it will take 10 pages...) October: Trump ramps up threats to North Korea, causing international concern (see Preventing War section). Trump-Russia investigation gains speed, with indictments issued (see Foreign Policy section for all Trump-Russia news) 9/24: Trump signed an executive order banning or restricting visas to people from 8 countries: Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Chad, North Korea, and Venezuela. (NBC Nightly News) (see below and Muslim Ban section to take action) 9/23: Graham-Cassidy ACA repeal/replace is dead (see Healthcare section), with several Senators vowing to vote against it. Contact your representatives, anyway, to let them know how strongly you feel about strengthening ACA. 8/25: (1) Trump White House white supremacist adviser Gorka was fired. Only Miller is left. (see below to take action) (2) Trump pardons AZ Sheriff Arpaio, who was convicted of criminal contempt for disregarding a court order in a racial profiling case. (CNN) ACLU calls this a Presidential endorsement of racism. (see Racism section and below to take action) (3) White House directed Pentagon to implement Trump's military new recruit transgender ban; Dept. of Defense given some leeway to determine status of current enlistees; stay tuned for court action. (CNN) (see LGBTQ section and below to take action) 8/22: Trump's hate-filled Phoenix rally is decried as "unhinged" by CNN's Don Lemon, as well-respected James Clapper, former NSA head & part of administrations going back to Kennedy's, admits he is "scared and disturbed" by Trump's presidency, given Trump has the nuclear codes. 8/21: Four senior editors at the Los Angeles Times were fired today, suddenly, at once. Ross Levinsohn, who spent 7 years in Fox News' Media Division, is the new Publisher. Perhaps it was because yesterday, the 4 published Enough Is Enough: "The man in the White House is reckless and unmanageable, a danger to the Constitution, a threat to our democratic institutions." 8/18: Steve Bannon has been fired (CNN). After violent white supremacist protest in Charlottesville, Trump says "both sides" are at fault. National and international community reacts in horror. (CNN, BBC; Tip: the BBC is generally calming in the way they present news) Scroll down to contact your representatives now. 8/11: As Trump ramps up threatening rhetoric towards nuclear-armed North Korea, and threatens unspecified military action in Venezuela (Reuters), see Preventing War section to take action. 8/9: On 7/30, Trump said he'll attack a North Korean weapons site "within the next year." The act "would be a major step toward all-out war." (UK Daily Mail) Given the threats he's made in recent days, please go to Preventing War to take action. 7/28: Repeal of the ACA is dead (7 attempts have now failed). All Democrats, plus GOP Sen. John McCain, Sen. Murkowski, & Sen. Collins voted NO! The ACA continues for now. 7/26: (1) Trump bans transgendered individuals from the military (CNN), citing costs and "readiness." (Costs are a ~.004% increase--4/1000s of ONE percent--in the Defense Dept's healthcare budget, because there are fewer than 5K trans in the entire military, and most do not get reassignment surgery. (See below and LGBTQ section to Take Action Now!) (2) BCRA failed its procedural vote in the Senate (i.e., Senators -- including 9 GOP -- do not believe it complies with the Budget Act). Repeal-Replace is still alive. Call your Senators now, ask them to save and improve ACA, and keep calling 202/224-3121. 7/19: Despite the distractions, continue to contact your representatives on preserving the ACA and continuing pressure regarding Trump-Russia ties (see below "Take Action" section). 7/7: Petition (& info) to stop clearcutting of Alaska's Tongass National Forest here. Please spread the word. 6/28: Trump captured on tape from Oval, congratulating new Irish PM, interrupts to comment on how hot a nearby Irish reporter is. Listen here, from UK Guardian. 6/16: Trump administration rescinds protections for parents of DACA youth (see DACA section to take action). 6/15: Pruitt explains proposed ~1/3 cut to EPA budget. Rep. Nita Lowey responds, saying the EPA budget is a "disaster": "it's surprising you didn't propose to eliminate the EPA altogether." (see #6 & #1, below, and Climate Change section to take action) 6/13: Act now to stop the GOP Senate from eliminating Obamacare and passing Trump"care" (see #1, #2, below; see also, Healthcare section). 6/8: (1) While Comey was testifying, the House voted to "reform" Dodd-Frank financial protections. This is likely to die in the Senate, but will likely result in the removal of consumer protections enacted after the great recession; consider contacting your Senator. (Reuters). See Healthcare section to learn about the ACHA. (2) McConnell tells Trump there may be a Senate vote on repealing Obamacare as early as 7/4. Take Action Now! (see #1, below). 6/2: Now that Trump has pulled out of the Paris Accord (Syria & Nicaragua are the only other 2 countries not participating), it's important to let your representatives know, loudly and clearly, how important it is to maintain environmental regulations in your state. Global Dismay at US Climate Deal Pull Out (BBC).5/17: Robert Mueller appointed Special Counsel re: Russian investigation (NY Times). 3/21: S.J. Res. 18/H.J. Res. 69 passed the Senate, split along party lines, 52-47, revoking protection for wildlife on Alaskan national wildlife refuges from cruel hunting methods, including snaring, steel jaw trapping, shooting while in dens with young, and targeting from the air. Two more bills are coming up at any time (see Endangered Species section to take action) 3/16: Who loses out most in the proposed new federal budget? EPA, Arts, Freedom of the Press... (To save the Nat'l Endowment for the Arts, see Take Action, below; to save EPA, see Environment; to save the Corp. for Public Broadcasting, see Freedom of the Press)


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