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Racism: Updates (prior to 8/30/17)

OLDER UPDATES8/22: In Phoenix, Trump double downs on his racist dogwhistles to white supremacists by decrying "they" are trying to destroy "our" culture, while Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC names Trump's lies as Trump says them, in real time. 8/19: Tens of thousands of protesters marched to protest white supremacy in Boston (above). How many supremacists showed up? A scant handful, & they left almost immediately. 8/18: Steve Bannon has been fired. White supremacists Gorka and Miller remain in the White House. (CNN). 8/15: After violent white supremacist protest in Charlottesville, and scripted anti-KKK and anti-Nazi remarks, Trump now maintains "both sides" are at fault. National and international community reacts in horror. (New York Times) 8/12: White Supremacist protest march in Charlottesville turns violent (1 dead, 34 seriously injured). Trump condemned the violence, and "hate," but not racism or intolerance (Boston Globe), implying "all sides" are responsible. New York Times reports Dept. of Justice has opened a civil rights investigation into Charlottesville rally.


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