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In 2018, all 438 House of Representatives seats, 33 Senate seats,
and 39 Governorships are up for re-election.
Turn them blue and prevent Trump from taking any more action!

The average midterm loss when the president has an approval rating below 50% is 36 House seats. —Harry Enten, 1/21/17, fivethirtyeight.com As of 8/17, Trump’s approval rating is 42%. Dems need only 24 more seats for a House majority in 2018. Join the fight for those seats! It's the House that impeaches...

To immediately work toward flipping House and Senate, Take Action: Flip Congress Blue.

To immediately work toward obstructing Trump's policy actions, Stop Trump's General Policies

Something happening you want to block right now? Go here. We can do this!

LEARN how our government works: High school civics class is where most of us learned about democracy, the three branches of government, how they work together and check one another for the benefit of all. Most of us could us a refresher. Here’s a 3 minute cartoon video, explaining the branches of government, their members, and their duties and actual limitations.

Turning Congress Blue (Democratic): The entire House of Representatives comes up for re-election every two, even-numbered years. Senators are up for re-election every 6 years. That means we can flip the House to begin to block Trump’s legislative priorities. Dems have signalled that, should they take control of the House in 2018, they will launch impeachment proceedings. Since Dems are only behind a few Senators, we only need a few more Democratic Senators in 2018 in order to flip the Senate, too, but we can’t afford to lose any of the Democratic Senate Seats we already have. A Democratic controlled Congress could obstruct Trump the way the GOP-controlled Congress obstructed Obama. We can do this! Governors are also important, because they influence state legislation. Trump plans to pass more power to the states on almost every issue, so the more Dem Governors we have, the better. Governors serve four years in office. (See FlipCongress section to Take Action!)

On possible Trump impeachment offenses and cabinet criminal behavior: http://corrupt.af, a collection of every bit of evidence. The links between Russia and former Trump campaign manager and campaign associates Manafort, Page, Gates, and Stone are being scrutinized by the FBI, NSA, CIA and the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Unit and, of course, Robert Mueller's investigation. (See Foreign Policy section for more on Trump-Russia) Contact the journalistic press, call your Congressional representatives and demand continued investigation.

Resources for the Trump era: Please feel free to read through the pages of this website on topics of most interest to you (avoid overwhelm!) for resources and actions to take on each one.

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Political Action: Stop Trump!

Political Action: Flip Congress Blue!

Our foundational rights are threatened. Act now to save those you value most! Take action on:
First Amendment Rights
Public Education
Human Rights
Foreign Policy/Preventing (Nuclear) War


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