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Immigrants: Updates (prior to 7/30/17)

UPDATES through 7/30: 7/8: Educators step up their defense of students as immigration raids escalate (NEA). 4/25: Judge blocks Trump order to defund sanctuary cities (KCRA). 4/22: Trump says DACA individuals can "rest easy," "we are not after the dreamers, we are after the criminals." (Pace, AP) 4/19: Trump takes first steps to target HB-1 visas, widely used in tech industry. (Memoli, Los Angeles Times) 4/3: CA passes SB84 to bar state & local authorities from assisting ICE with deportations. (Note sanctuary cities arose to protect immigrants from retaliation when reporting gang activity.) 3/29: Hawaiian judge put indefinite hold on Trump's Muslim ban. 3/23: Govt. appealed travel ban to 4th District Court; appeal to be heard 1:00 pm EST 5/8. 3/13: Trump Administration's Muslim ban 2.0 blocked by HI Court. Order would have banned new migrants and all refugees from predominantly Muslim countries Iran, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and Libya from entering the country. (Thrush, New York Times) 2/24: Rep. Jesse Petrea (R-Savannah) introduced Georgia House Bill 452 to require Georgia to "create and maintain a website listing any unauthorized immigrant currently in Georgia." (See also, Stop Trump, DACA, Muslim List sections) 2/12. ICE is now actively raiding and deporting mostly Mexican immigrants in CA, SC, AZ, TX, GA, NY (Hudson Valley), GA (Atlanta), VA, NC , FL & KS. Being affected? Call 212-725-6422 for free legal help. If you witness ICE activity in your community, report it to MigraWatch: 1-844-363-1423. 2/6: British House of Commons has cancelled Trump's visit to Parliament, citing racism, sexism, equality, independent judiciary. 2/2: Trump plans to revamp counter-extremism program to focus ONLY on Islam, ignoring domestic White Supremacist and other groups who carry out violent attacks within the U.S. (Ainsley, Volz & Cooke, Reuters)


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