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UPDATE 12/1: GOP Senate passes the "tax bill" which contains a provision to repeal the individual mandate of the ACA, thus eviscerating it. (The bill still needs to undergo reconciliation with the House bill, and is likely to be challenged in Court.) 11/14: GOP tacks on huge cuts to Medicare in their tax bill. Call your representative NOW--Dems have leverage (see #1, below) (Washington Post) 10/17: Senators had a deal early in the day on healthcare subsidies Trump cut off earlier in the month. (New York Times). By the end of the day, the deal was in question. 10/6: Trump rolled back free birth control coverage for women, by expanding the exemption which requires it, allowing nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and for-profit companies that may claim religious objections to NOT offer birth control coverage (BBC). 9/26: Success! McConnell says GOP attempt to repeal ACA is dead (again). It's unlikely the GOP will completely abandon their attempt, but for now, ACA is safe. 9/24: Ted Cruz announces he is not supporting Graham-Cassidy GOP healthcare bill, the last GOP vote (in addition to Collins, McCain...and Rand Paul) needed to block it! Call your representatives anyway, to let them know how strongly you feel and make another future attempt less likely (see below). 9/13: Two Senators give ACA repeal another try. (NBC News) Older updates

LEARN: More Americans want to keep the ACA than to repeal it. Some GOP Senators concerned about re-election as a result of Resistance voices making themselves heard nationwide, blocked the repeal effort. The GOP bill attempted to give states the ability to remove protections for mental health, prescription drugs, and pre-existing conditions* (allowing states to allow insurance companies to charge more for those with serious and/or chronic medical conditions, and [inexplicably] sexual assault and domestic violence survivorship), using the savings to drastically cut taxes for the rich. The Congressional Budget Office was not impressed with the GOP bills. Here is its 6/26 report on the prior version. See #1, below, to thank anti-repeal Senators, and expect a new try in the future.

*Note that the GOP said a "high-risk" pool would be established for those with pre-existing conditions, to ensure they could be insured. This has been tried before. The difficulty with "high risk pools" is that they can set their own premiums, which are stratospheric. Most of the below leading causes of death in the US constitute pre-existing conditions, which will NOT be covered under any Trump"care"bill put forth thus far:


(1) Lobby your Senate representatives in advance of any vote on any new repeal/replace effort. Who are your representatives? (for any state) or just call 202/224-3121, put in your zip, and you’ll be transferred.. When you’ve contacted your own, feel free to contact the Republican Senators of other states. Remember that RE-ELECTION and LEGACY are always on their mind (as we saw in the last September effort to repeal). Ask them to block the ACHA, ensure protection for women's health, sexual assault victims, prescription coverage, and pre-existing conditions. Be polite to be better heard. When they ask (or say) if you are in their district, say "no, I will be calling your voters in 2018!" This is the most effective way to influence Congressional negotiations. Shy to call? Don’t be concerned. You’ll likely be sent to voicemail. If you do reach someone, speak concisely and politely, telling them:

-you live in their state (or not, see above!),
-you’re concerned about healthcare
-and you want them to
-bring down premiums, protect women's health, prescription coverage, Medicaid, mental health, and pre-existing conditions!

Main number for the Senate in Washington, DC: 866-985-2543 (in addition to your local and state Congressional reps, call the DC number when Congress is in session and/or when you feel very, very strongly and alarmed about an issue or imminent legislation--like now).

Don't want to call? Send a free fax to your Senators from Fax Zero in just a few seconds. They send you an email to confirm.

2) Use the above contact information to THANK Senators who spoke out against the repeal of the ACA! That includes ALL Democratic Senators, and Republicans John McCain AZ, Susan Collins ME, and Rand Paul KY. Lisa Murkowski AK criticized the bill, but was uncommitted.

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