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Healthcare: Updates (prior to 8/30/17)

UPDATES through 8/30: 7/28: Repeal of the ACA is dead for the moment (7 attempts have now failed). All Democrats, plus GOP Sen. John McCain, Sen. Murkowski, & Sen. Collins voted NO! The ACA continues for now. 7/25: Vote on whether or not the BCRA (Trumpcare) complies with the Budget Act took place. The Senate's answer, including 9 GOP, was NO. (This was not a vote on whether or not to implement BCRA.) 7/24: Despite bad CBO rating and legal questions regarding ACA repeal, there are rumors (not verified, but concerning) that 2 anti-repeal GOP Senators have switched back to repeal. GOP Senate intends to bring healthcare bill to vote on Tuesday 7/25. Call your Senators now, and keep calling 202/224-3121. 7/19: GOP effort to repeal Obamacare/ACA is dead! Keep monitoring the situation; it could change rapidly. 6/26: Healthcare score by CBO is out and it isn't good. Premium savings don't kick in for 9 years (after years of increases), & then only as a result of no insurance offered for most pre-existing conditions and many other conditions simply not being covered. (What this means for you: Washington Post) 6/22: Protestors in wheelchairs are being arrested today outside Sen. Majority Leader McConnell's office, protesting ACHA. (for info. on ACHA, see below). 6/19: Dem Senators hold the floor to protest GOP's attempts to pass ACHA Trump"care" without hearings. Here's a list of 50 pre-existing (non-covered) ACHA conditions from TIME (includes anxiety, pregnancy/expected parent [including men], obesity...) 6/14: Republican Senators, in late May, said the Congressional Budget Office's "scathing" report on their "new" health"care" bill makes repealing Obamacare harder (Time). 5/22: Because Trump administration is delaying on Obamacare subsidies, premiums likely to rise 20% (CNBC). 5/4: The House voted to repeal and replace the ACA. The new ACHA bill must now pass the Senate and be signed by POTUS to become law. 4/21: The US Surgeon General, Dr. Murthy, was dismissed today. Known for his concerns about mental health, at a recent Seattle conference, he said, "We forget some of the oldest medicines are love and compassion." (Eversley, USA Today) Our new acting Surgeon General (still true in mid-June) is Sylvia Trent-Adams, a nurse. 3/24: "Obamacare is the law of the land," said Speaker Paul Ryan. 2/14: In the dead of night, Republicans held a vote to confirm Tom Price as Health and Human Services Secretary. He supports defunding Planned Parenthood, "restructuring" Medicare benefits, and replacing Obamacare. Democrats opposed him for these reasons and because he was, "dogged by questions about his trading in hundreds of thousands of dollars in health company stocks while working on healthcare legislation."


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