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New York Times results of midterm primary elections so far... Get Out The Vote!

LEARN which states/districts have vulnerable GOP governors, senators (eight GOP seats are up in 2018, 22 in 2020, 22 in 2022--Senators serve 6-yr terms), and House representatives (2-year terms), then work for Democrats in those locations. (Lists can be found below.) For example, the first member of Congress to support Trump was Rep. Chris Collins, @RepChrisCollins, who barely beat the Democrat in his 27th NY district, 51-49%. If we can flip vulnerable districts, we can win back the House in 2018 and block the worst future Trump legislation. If we’re able to flip both the Senate and House, we’ll be able to stop the Trump agenda cold, the same way the GOP obstructed Obama in his final years. Democrats already hold the majority point of view. It's important to recognize that social media is now flooded with automated bots and hired trolls, who can make it appear that the Trump Administration has more support than it does. Check The Alliance for Securing Democracy's dashboard to see what Russian social media bots are focusing on in the US at any given moment, and note how their talking points get echoed across social media as if they originated here.

DIVERSITY: Many have suggested that the Administration has gone after people of color because people of color vote Democratic. In any case, Congress is meant to represent all of us, so each of us should be represented there. There are 535 members of Congress: 100 Senators, 435 in the House. The number of females in the House dropped from 84 to 83 (now 16%), but went up to 21% in Senate (19% of Congress are women). Women of color increased by 4x (sounds good, but translates to only 4 women of color in the Senate). Non-whites comprise 19% (for a total of 34 Hispanics in the House, 4 in the Senate). Blacks’ overall representation increased slightly, from 46 to 49. There are now 15 Asian-Americans in Congress. The LGBTQ community is represented by the same numbers as before. Tammy Baldwin of WI was the first openly gay or lesbian person to serve in Senate, whereas there are 6 LGBTQ members of the House. There is only one openly transgendered individual serving in a state House (and none in the US House of Representatives), and she was elected on 11/7/17: Danica Roem, of VA (Olivo, 11/8/17, Washington Post). As for religion, there are only 39 non-Christians (7%) in Congress: 30 Jewish, 4 Hindu, 3 Buddhist and 2 Muslim representatives. (Marcos, The Hill, 11/17/16) Some progress is being made, but we have a long way to go before Congress truly represents all of us!

IMPEACHMENT: It is the House of Representatives who bring impeachment proceedings against the President. Should the Democrats take back the House in 2018, they will be able to impeach him. It is CRUCIAL to have that option, given the Mueller investigation's indictments and "tightening noose" when it comes to charges against the Administration. (see Foreign Policy section for more on Trump-Russia)


(1) Join with Tony The Democrat to write and send postcards to Democratic voters in other states in advance of special elections and midterms! In the past few months, 1/4 million voters have been contacted this way (on twitter: #PostcardsToVoters). See this short video, or write postcards@TonyTheDemocrat.org! (or here on Twitter). NOTE: Fake websites have popped up which are NOT the same site! If you're more of an introvert, this is a great way to make an impact in a way that nourishes your nervous system. If you're more of an extravert, you can get together with friends and write/design/send away. (It also provides a destination for your creativity!). Text HELLO to 484-ASK-ABBY, receiving address and talking points, write and send!

(2) Visit flippable.org and sign up: “Win back our country for Democrats by flipping seats in state legislatures, the House, and the Senate. Practice democracy daily.” @Flippable: daily actions tweeted to your twitter account, or check the website's current action items. They are working hard for the midterms!

(3) Turn the House blue in 2018! Start now. Join swingleft, working to flip House districts to the Democrats. Check out their map to see if you live in a swing district. See the list below #10 for those most vullnerable House districts for 2018!

(4) Eight GOP Senate seats are up in 2018, 22 in 2020, and 22 in 2022--Senators serve 6-year terms) These are the senators who are up for re-election in 2018, 2020, 2022.

(5) Download Indivisible: A practical guide for resisting the Trump agenda, a guide about how to take effective political action, written by volunteer former progressive Congressional staffers:

How grassroots advocacy worked to stop President Obama. We examine lessons from the Tea Party’s rise and recommend two key strategic components: 1. A local strategy targeting individual Members of Congress (MoCs)—it’s all about reelection for them. 2. A defensive approach purely focused on stopping Trump from implementing an agenda built on racism, authoritarianism, and corruption.

Search for your your local community at indivisibleguide and on Twitter and Facebook. Form your own Indivisible group, register it, and check out their twitter feed to see how other groups are doing. Look throughout UpholdTheseRights, find the issue(s) that matter most to you and your group, roll up your sleeves, and begin. We can do this! Didn’t you want to be a superhero fighting the darkness when you were a child? Now is your chance!

(6) Also watch your state legislature's races, and Governorships nationwide. States' laws are crucial to limiting the effect of Trump's policies in your location. Pay attention to local school board, City Council, supervisor races. Many decisions that affect us most are made within a few miles of our homes. Subscribe to your local newspaper to get unbiased news via actual journalistic standards (and avoid the vast advertising agency of internet media).

(7) Focus on increasing the diversity of the U.S. Congress, supporting campaigns by donating time and/or money (see above for the breakdown).

(8) Use the tool at DeleteYourEndorsement to send tweets to all GOP who are endorsing Trump and his actions! Search on your state.

(9) Donate to, and work for the Democratic flip of the following vulnerable Governor and GOP House seats in 2018:

VULNERABLE GOVERNORS: states Clinton won which now have GOP governors and 2018 elections: IL, MA, MD, NH, NJ (flipped 11/7/17!), NM, NV, VT. Other vulnerable GOP swing state governorships that might flip in 2018, with our help: FL, IA, ME, MI, WI.

Vulnerable GOP House members who voted for Trump's "health"care plan. Work with Swing Left to oust them in 2018:

Go to:

Stop General Trump Policies

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