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Fake News: Updates (through 2017)

2017 UPDATES: GOP push to end Trump-Russia investigation ASAP coincides with revival of long-debunked Clinton uranium "story", careful exclusion of GOP primary candidate's commissioning of Steele dossier (see Foreign Policy section), and GOP Senators' increasingly vocal criticism of Trump, as the Press Secretary tweets conspiracy theories. 10/11: Trump's increasingly frequent attacks on journalists, and the Russian and Ukrainian bots and trolls amplifying his words, represents a grave threat to the Fourth Estate (Take Action, below). 9/26: Facebook faces increased scrutiny over failure to catch Russian political propaganda ads. (NPR) 8/21: Four senior editors at the Los Angeles Times were fired today, suddenly, at once. Ross Levinsohn, who spent 7 years in Fox News' Media Division, is the new Publisher. Perhaps it was because yesterday, the 4 published Enough Is Enough: "The man in the White House is reckless and unmanageable, a danger to the Constitution, a threat to our democratic institutions." 8/17: The Alliance for Securing Democracy launches a twitter tracker for Russian propaganda on twitter. Visit it to inform yourself and others about how we're being influenced today: dashboard.securingdemocracy.org. 7/31: Scaramucci is fired. 7/21: WH Press Secy, Sean Spicer, resigns after Trump appoints adviser, financier Scaramucci, who is under suspicion for violating Russia sanctions (Business Insider), as WH Communications Director. 6/1: New social media "war room," released by the Trump administration. Don't be discouraged by bizarre, pro-Trump, outright lies; most of these are coming from bots and trolls, and increase when the Administration feels threatened. 5/22: InfoWars claims it has been granted a White House Press Credential (said Sandy Hook was "a hoax" and 9/11 was "an inside job"). Here is the snopes.com report. 5/11: Trump denies access to US reporters, but allows Russian reporters into the Oval Office for his meeting with Russian officials. 4/25: Congressional press pass denied to Breitbart News: "News organizations must show the volunteer credential panel that they aren't owned or controlled by an organization that lobbies Congress, a step designed to prevent political operatives from acting as journalists." (Farhi, Washington Post. 3/20: Today, official POTUS account tweeted during Comey hearing on Trump-Russia ties, grossly mischaracterizing what Comey had said. 3/19: Trump launched a tweetstorm on 3/4, falsely accusing President Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower, presenting this as if it were reality. He apparently got this fake news from Breitbart. (Kessler, Washington Post) 2/24: Reporters from New York Times, CNN, LA Times, Politico, BuzzFeed, Daily Mail, and BBC were banned from the White House Press Room today. Reporters from Time magazine, USA Today and the AP refused to enter in protest. Those allowed into the room included ABC, Reuters Fox News, and far right fake news outlets, Breitbart and the Washington Times. 2/18: Watch Don Lemon of CNN confront a guest's accusation that CNN is reporting "fake news" (starts around 3:20 mark) 2/13: Russian propagandists were hired to spread pro-Trump, anti-Clinton fake news in the US during our 2016 election, & are now interfering in French, German, and the Netherlands' elections. "[It is] a way not to convince people, but to confuse them, not to provide an alternative viewpoint, but to divide public opinion and to ultimately undermine our ability to understand what is going on.”(Telegraph, 2/13/17)


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