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Environment: Updates (prior to 8/30/17)

OLDER UPDATES: 7/12: Largest iceberg ever recorded breaks off from Antarctic (UK Daily Mail - Science). (Help protect world's climate in Climate Change section.) 7/7: Petition to stop clearcutting of Alaska's Tongass National Forest here. 6/30: After spending $3B, Washington Post and others report that Keystone XL pipeline is struggling to attract oil companies. They're not interested anymore. 6/29: Trump plans to open Arctic and Atlantic to more oil drilling (Washington Post). 6/15: Pruitt explains proposed ~1/3 cut to EPA budget. Rep. Nita Lowey responds, saying the EPA budget is a "disaster": "it's surprising you didn't propose to eliminate the EPA altogether." (see Climate Change and Stop Trump sections to take action) 6/2: Bucking Trump, these cities, states, and counties commit to the Paris Accord (NY Times) Global Dismay at US Climate Deal Pull Out (BBC). 5/18: Trump administration is reviewing Obama national monument designations to delist for possible deforestation/lumber harvesting, drilling, and mining (National Geographic summary): check back for those in danger. Our pushback is making a difference! 3/24: Trump administration just approved permits allowing the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline to move forward. The NRDC is filing suit to stop it. 3/21: S.J. Res. 18/H.J. Res. 69 passed the Senate, split along party lines, 52-47, with the GOP universally revoking protection for wildlife on Alaskan national wildlife refuges. Wildlife are once again subject to extremely cruel hunting methods, including snaring, steel jaw trapping, shooting/gassing of wolves and other mammals while they're in their dens with young, and targeting from the air. Here is snopes' take on it. Two more bills are still coming up. Please see Endangered Species section to take action! 3/9: EPA head Scott Pruitt says he "believes" carbon dioxide does not drive climate change (NBC News). (see Take Action, below) 2/20: MT legislator Dustin Monroe introduced a bill in the MT state legislature to ban pipelines from crossing underneath lakes and rivers. Follow its progress and let your representatives know you support it! 2/17: Scott Pruitt, no friend to environmental protections, was confirmed as head of the EPA (see "Learn," below, for legislators voting for and against--prepare for 2018!). 2/3: Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) introduced H.R. 861 to terminate the Environmental Protection Agency (go immediately to Take Action: Stop Trump). Since back-door dealing appears to be a hallmark of many of Trump’s cabinet choices, we need to be vigilant and, if blocking their nominations fails, be ready to take action in every way we can to ensure the protection of our natural world (go immediately to Endangered Species Act and Climate Change topics). 1/30: On 1/17/17, the US Forest Service decided to permanently protect WY's Bridger-Grand Teton National Forest from oil drilling, after overwhelming public support. However, on 1/30, AZ GOP Rep. Paul Gosar introduced a resolution in Congress that weakens regulations limiting oil and natural gas drilling within national parks through a loophole that applies to parks like the Grand Canyon National Recreation Area, Grand Tetons, and Everglades. Oil drilling in the national parks? Let him and the rest of the House know what you think of that resolution, H.J. Res. 46, by calling your House Representative now–it takes just a couple of minutes and is very effective (see Political Action Primer for who and how!).


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