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Uphold These Rights

In a gentle way, you can shake the world —Ghandi

Limited free time? General Urgent Actions to Take Now

"This is part of what contemporary authoritarians do: They overwhelm you with bad news and try to make you depressed and say with resignation: “Well, what can I do?” I think it is better to limit yourself. Read the news for half an hour a day, but don’t spend the whole day obsessing about it. Americans have to pick one thing to be confident about, and then act on it. If you care about and know about refugees, the press, global warming – choose one." Timothy Snyder, History Professor, Yale University, in "We have at most a year to defend American democracy, possibly less," Süddeutsche Zeitung

Our foundational rights are threatened. Click-Learn-Act to save those you most value:

First Amendment Rights (Free Press, Net Neutrality, Fake vs. Real News)
Environment (Climate Change, Endangered Species)
Human Rights (
Immigrant, LGBTQ, DACA, Muslim Ban, Voting, Racism, Sexism)
Public Education (+ college affordability)
Foreign Policy (NSC, UN, NATO, Trump-Russia, nuclear weapons; Preventing War)
(ACHA, mental health)

Political Action Primer: What/How

What is Narcissism?